12. YouTube; Boyfriend Buat Masa Ini

Hello readers.

Just wanna update with four Youtube videos I watched recently.

Sepertimana anda semua maklum, saya punya seorang kekasih hati. Tapi kekasih hati lain cerita. Kekasih hati mungkin kekasih selamanya. Tapi sekarang aku nak cerita pasal BOYFRIEND aku. Current Boyfriend.

So my current boyfriend is YouTube!!!

Feature video:

Read more to see what videos I’ve been watching lately.

Hugs & Kisses;

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4. Childhood; That’s So Raven VS Lizzie McGuire

Hello there!

What do you remember about your childhood times?

Just now I watched The Lizzie Mc Guire The Movie.

So I think it’s best for me to write on my childhood times when I was 9.

For those who are as old as I am, you might be having the same childhood like I did.

Have you ever heard of That’s So Raven and Lizzie Mc Guire?

Read more to see how great both TV series developed my childhood.

That significant, huh?


Hugs and Kisses;

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