12. YouTube; Boyfriend Buat Masa Ini

Hello readers.

Just wanna update with four Youtube videos I watched recently.

Sepertimana anda semua maklum, saya punya seorang kekasih hati. Tapi kekasih hati lain cerita. Kekasih hati mungkin kekasih selamanya. Tapi sekarang aku nak cerita pasal BOYFRIEND aku. Current Boyfriend.

So my current boyfriend is YouTube!!!

Feature video:

Read more to see what videos I’ve been watching lately.

Hugs & Kisses;

For the feature video, you can see more of his videos on http://www.youtube.com/matluthfi90
He’s a Curtin University student who’s taking a major in architecture. A scholar I suppose.
And he’s awesome!
Cheq suka loghat diaaaaa.

Second video;

As for this one, I like this video because of the song. Damn, it’s always about him. My tweets on Twitter are mostly about him. Yes, my kekasih hati. 😀 haha okay sudah, cukup-cukup berangan.

Third video;

This song was firstly heard on MTV OK Karaoke. I think it’s nice to listen to because of the rhythm. It sounds so gloomy and sad. So if you feel like crying,you can listen to this song. 😥 haha 🙂

Forth Video;

Ini buat teman-teman semua. Layan lagu atau vlogger, layan jugak.Tapi jangan lupa, ada yang menanti kita di barzakh. =)
Selamat beramal!


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