10. Hati-hati ketika Berwuduk!

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And peace be upon you.


Terusik hati nak tulis pasal wuduk hari ni. Semalam saya ke Mid Valley bersama Mama dan adik-adik 🙂

Sedang aku sedang kalut tunggu giliran nak ambil wuduk, orang yang kat line yang beratur sebelah line aku sedang ambil wuduk.

As a person who loves to observe analytically, I looked at her abluting (ambil wuduk). I knew it was kind a late for us to perform our Maghrib prayers as it was almost 8.45 pm before Isha’.

We were rushing to ablute and pray. But this lady’s ablution couldn’t be good.


Read more to know how she did her ablution.


Hugs & Kisses;





Basically, ablution is about the process you have to take before you perform your prayers in Islam.

The compulsory steps are:

1 Make Niyyah (Intention) that you are making Wudu’ for Solat
2 Wash your face three times from right ear to left ear and from forehead to throat
3 Wash your right arm and then your left arm thoroughly, this time up to elbow three times
4 Move the wet fingers and palms (touching gently) over your head from the top of forehead all the way to the back of the head, and back (back of the head to the forehead). Only one time and not three
5 Wash both feet to the ankles starting with the right foot, making sure that water has reached between the toes and back of the feet
6 Make sure you do all the steps in order (Tartiib)

So now I want to emphasize point key number 3 and 5.

The lady had not washed her arms up to her elbow perfectly. The water didn’t really reach her elbows. To me, it’s not permissible for one to perform her prayers.

As for the fifth step, she did not really wash her feet to the ankles. I couldn’t see the water flowing to her ankles.

But, sadly and badly, I did not tell her that she was supposed to take the ablution again. It’s just not that easy to make someone to do it again in my country. :/

So I really hope that all of you can perform your ablution process perfectly without having to make anyone else feeling bad about you.


So Selamat beramal! 😀



Now they have this Auto Wudu Washer to avoid water wastage and fungal infections.


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