11. Fourty-Seven Days Left

Hello there.

Tidak berniat untuk membebel panjang. Cukup sekadar nak update dengan aktiviti-aktiviti yang bakal dijalankan dalam tempoh 47 hari ini.

Banyak sebenarnya benda nak buat.

Tapi tidak tahu nak mula yang mana dulu.

Read more to see what updates about my pre-departure activities that have been done and planned.


Hugs & Kisses;





Well, first thing first, my flight details.
MARA has not informed the exact details yet but my counselor told us that dates have been released by MARA.
it’s just the details that are not yet to be released. Or is it just me who is a lazy bumbum to call MARA.

My flight will be on August 20th, 2011. It’s on Saturday =) As referred to Malaysia Airlines website, my flight will be at 1500 hours. So for those who intend to send me :P, you can come four hours before my flight. Noon will be the perfect time but too bad we can’t have lunch together as  you guys will be fasting on that day. I don’t think I’ll. See how things later.

Second thing will be about TU Placement Test.
Guess what, I have not finished my English placement test. I’m dead! Well, I intend to finish it by tomorrow as I won’t be doing anything tomorrow. Dang~

Third thing would be the pre-departure program I will be attending. It’s the Puncak program! It’ll be held in Bangi. So close right? I know but Mom will not be around. So it’s hard for me to plan for it.

The forth thing would be my trip to Penang to visit my school. I plan to go to Penang on July 18 and visit school on July 20. But a friend of mine will not be around on July 20 as he just comes back from France the day before. It must be very tiring for him to travel on road for four hours after a day of flight. So, I need to make the plans all over again :/

Oh! This Sunday, I might be going to Janda Baik for Doa Selamat ceremony at a friend’s place. But, it’s not confirmed yet.
Argh! So many things to do…

Oh and maybe this could be the last update. I need to plan for MY doa selamat ceremony but mom has been busy like forever!


I’ll continue more updates tomorrow. Traaa.


P/S: We only have less than a month before Ramadan begins. How is our preparation to face Ramadan this time? #Reminder


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